Grab the framework that allows you to blitz your self-care sabotages in 5 minutes flat

What if you could stop getting in your own way and actually stick to a simple self-care routine?

What if “just do it” was something you could apply to your own life, (instead of just being a slogan that you only see on a Nike ad)?

What if you could wipe the smile off the face of your arch-nemesis by humble-bragging about your weekly Restorative yoga practice?

(Yes that last one is petty, but it could also be very gratifying!)

If you think all those women who seem to have it all together don’t feel like telling themselves “I’ll do it tomorrow” when it comes to self-care, I’m here to tell you that’s not true! They do!

And I’ve found a simple solution to that roadblock.

Hi, I'm marie. I'm a counsellor and my refreshing self-care tips have been featured in natural health, thrive global and elephant journal

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so what's so great about the pdf?

It targets a tiny tweak, so that it's manageable (even if your kids/dogs/partner incessantly demand your attention)

It chains your new self-care plan to an existing habit so that you won't forget about it

It helps you to troubleshoot the things that mysteriously prevent you from taking some time out for yourself

It's written by someone who has read so many books on self-care the local bookshop think I'm a self-help junkie

It's a fillable pdf, so you don't even have to bother printing it if your printer is on the blink (again)